About Me


I was a happy child.

That's my name.

Laughing, Friends, Crafting, & Life are my game.

I was married almost 7 years to a wonderful guy.
Look at me getting all Instagram on your ass!
Matt aka The [Soon To Be] Ex-Hubs.

We didn't have kids. Just one unbelievably spoiled Cocker Spaniel [Oscar] who snores LOUDLY.
Oscar makes pink look goooooood.

I have 2 great younger sisters.
We are rocking the shit out of this.

Between them they have 4 even better looking kids.
It doesn't get any cuter.
Their mom was NEVER this adorable. 

I blog. Not all the time but often enough.

I'm learning what it's like to live the "crazy single life".

I'm also trying to drop some weight
and become a better cook.

All in hopes of having a baby of my own.

Did I mention I have PCOS?
Well, I do.

I blog about that also.

Join me. 

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